The secret language of hydrangea

With intense blossoms in different beautiful colours, hydrangeas flaunt a fairy-tale like charm which none can resist to own one. Baby blue, snowy white, lavender, vibrant purple and pinky rose, any colour of petals at your choice all blooming under the same root.

Hydrangea is originated and first found in Japan, with the name meaning water or vessel. Ever after, the flowers have served as a representation of heartfelt feelings, gratitude or emotion, whether of joy or sadness. Others have also suggested that a bouquet of hydrangea comes to an expression of gratefulness, understanding and sincerity. If use as a part of a wedding decoration or some formal occasions, this flower possesses enduring grace and beauty.

How to plant this flower?
The colour of the petals is determined solely by the soil. Acidic soils with a pH of less than 5.5 produce blue flowers, whereas a pH with greater than 5.5 produces purple or pink flowers. Most hydrangeas thrive in rich and moist soils, preferably with sunshine in partial shade and plenty of water.

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