Hydrangea and rose arrangement

Step 1 - Set the floral foam in the flower pot. Separate the hydrangea into two pieces and put it at the front and centre of the foam.

Step 2 - Put the rose evenly around the floral foam to make a round arrangement.

Step 3 - Then step in the spray roses between the roses.

Step 4 - Finally put the snowball evenly in the arrangement to make it more comprehensive.

Step 5 - Finally add in the astrantia to complete the whole presentation.

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« Hydrangea and rose arrangement »


  1. Hydrangea (1 stem)
  2. Rose ( 8 stems)
  3. Spray rose ( 5 stems)
  4. Viburnum snowball (4 stems)
  5. Astrantia (5 stems)
  6. Flower pot (1 pc)
  7. Floral foam (1 pc)
  8. Flower cutter (1pc)

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